About Us

We believe that the details make the difference.

Every hair accessory from Clover & Jules is carefully and thoughtfully designed from start to finish. We source high-quality, durable fabrics in natural materials that are designed to last for years, and passed down. Each piece is carefully made by hand from our studio in Toronto.


Meet Our Founder

 Hi! My name is Jennifer Lee, and I'm the owner of Clover & Jules. I've always loved sewing and creating things, so when my daughter Juliette was born in 2016 (the "Jules" in Clover & Jules) I started making her bows during nap time from extra fabric around the house.

At first, I thought of bows as a just a simple accessory, but as my daughter grew I realized they were so much more. From newborn cuddles to her first steps and her first day of pre-school, these bows accompanied every milestone and adventure we shared. I hope they are a special part of your daughters' lives too, and the memories you make together.

Clover & Jules is truly a family business. My mother taught me how to sew as a little girl (she's the namesake of the "Jane" bow), and all of your bows have been handmade by either me or her, often with my daughter playing nearby. Thank you for supporting a small business!